5 Web Development Trends in 2020

And 2020 promises to bring with it a lot of fresh ideas and innovations in web development: from new developments in II through machine learning to blockchain and cryptocurrencies that have a significant impact on the world economy.
Here are the top 5 web development trends in 2020 that will dominate the web industry.

  1. AI or bots
    The need for communication solutions with artificial intelligence, task automation and analytics solutions is becoming more common.
    Already, we can see how AI chatbots, virtual assistants (such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana) and voice work are helping businesses transform social interactions. Their development marked the beginning of multichannel digital customer service through the ability to simultaneously interact with the customer's voice, chat, messaging and website.
    Through machine learning (ML) and artificial neural network (ANN) research, AI can achieve its goals of successfully simulating true human empathy.

  2. JavaScript
    JavaScript has remained the most popular language for the past six years, and continues to evolve according to the Stack Overflow 2019 report. Not surprisingly, this is the best language for developers, as it provides a whole new experience of flexibility, complexity, and power.

  3. Web Apps
    Web applications are still one of the most popular web trends. Such applications are downloaded as regular web pages or websites but have a high level of functionality. They can be downloaded instantly, regardless of network status and browser choice, because they are built with an improved web design strategy. Such applications provide instant, independent and reliable operation of users without problems with the cache. Such work is absolutely secure because it is done via HTTP to prevent content tracking and data falsification.
    In addition, these programs are easy to use and help to re-engage users with web push messages.

  4. Mobile friendly site
    Mobile sites are sites that work well with mobile devices. They are adaptive and easy to adjust to even the smallest screen and have easy navigation. In addition, they load quickly thanks to special features that reduce data entry.
    With the growing number of mobile phones in the world every year, mobile versions of the site are becoming the number one choice for any company.

  5. Cybersecurity
    Data leakage, site hacking and data theft represent a serious threat that is gaining ground every year, and 2020 will be no exception. Cybersecurity or information technology (IT) security is a must-have solution for every business, especially when it comes to customer billing information when paying online or entering personal information.

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