• Comprehensive IT support

    Outsource, outsaf, project work, support of infrastructure and software solutions

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  • Web development

    Yii2, Bitrix, CodeIgniter, Slim, PHP, MySQL, WebSocket, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, REST API, Postgresql, Elasticsearch, Redis, MongoDB, Symfony, Spring Boot, Zkoss, React, Phalcon, Bootstrap3 / 4, Doctrine, Smarty, Wordpress, Magento, Corporate websites, e-commerce projects, B2B solutions

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  • Corporate analytics

    Microsoft Power BI, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, R SQL Server, Integration Service

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About our company

Our passion for IT is reflected in our work.

We quickly solve business problems with the help of relevant IT solutions, as well as reliable and ongoing support.

We not only support productivity, but also enable organizations to improve, introduce innovations and develop in a specific direction.


Our experts are guided exclusively by expediency. It is on this principle that specialized systems are built for various business sectors.


You can get comprehensive information about our work at any time. Transparency is our motto. We do not know how to work differently.


Predicting the benefits of implementing specialized automation systems is very simple, since everything is transparent and accessible with us. You can also determine the estimated payback periods of the implemented system.

Our projects

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