Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Today, the Internet and the office of the company are inseparable; in 2020, 95% of all offices are connected to the Internet. Internet providers are required to provide everything necessary for a comfortable office. The best provider is the one you remember only when the time comes to pay the bill.

Indeed, the modern connection to the global network is much better than 5-10 years ago. This trend is only gaining momentum every year. Our company provides a wide range of Internet provider services: connecting to high-speed Internet (from 100Mb), laying cables in offices and renting WiFi routers. We care about our customers and prevent problems before they occur.

Primary and duplicate connection

Many companies are highly dependent on a fast and uninterrupted internet connection. The way out for them is to conclude an agreement with several providers at once, which ensures the reliability and safety of their work.

If one provider has problems with the operation of its network or equipment, the consumer company temporarily switches to another provider and continues to work normally.

Our company provides the services of a primary and backup Internet provider, each client is connected to a WiFi replicator. The reliability of our work has been tested by hundreds of our customers.

Turnkey connection

Our experts are ready to do all the work of connecting to the Internet:

  •  The company manager will clarify all the details.
  •  The system administrator selects equipment based on your needs.
  •  Our driver will deliver everything you need, and specialists will configure and connect.
  •  It does not matter whether it is small offices or huge buildings. We will do all the work on a turnkey basis. You just have to come to work and turn on your computer already connected to the Internet.

We value the time of our customers: we work as quickly as possible and provide only the best equipment. On average, from the receipt of an application and payment for services and equipment to the actual Internet connection, it takes 3 working days.

Cable system installation

With successful business development, a company’s office from one office can turn into an entire floor of a business center. In this case, there is a need to install a cable system and configure the equipment in large areas.

We are ready to complete all connections, cabling, installation and configuration of the entire equipment system for reliable network operation. Our experts will make the installation as beautiful as possible, without hanging wires on the ceiling and other cobwebs of cables.

Equipment rent

We offer our customers the opportunity to rent equipment. The cost of a high-power router is quite high, and their maintenance is problematic. For this reason, it can be beneficial for companies to pay rent for the use and maintenance of wi-fi devices.

Employee Monitoring

The video surveillance service for employees is gaining popularity. The head or department head has the ability to monitor their subordinates from anywhere in the world. All he needs is an Internet connection and a customized program on a PC or smartphone. If you need this service, we are ready to connect and configure everything you need.